Ge Guobao
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Number: 9942 Full name: Ge Guobao (15925150027)
Sexual distinction: Male age: 23
Grade: Graduate student one grade post: Student
Place university / unit: Yunnan university
Professional: Travel management
Teacher classification: Normal school is taught kind
;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to course: Maths, physics, chemical
Comfortable teach an object: Elementary school, junior high school, high school
Significant time: Price of 7 days of requirements: Do not be restricted
Family education experience: Oneself fasten Yunnan university to be in school graduate student, be engaged in family education working to had had 56 years, 04~08 year ever coached for many times when Anhui university first high school maths, physics, the result is clear, report is favorable. This person disposition is optimistic, education way is quick, be good at be being communicated with the child, education child is right the interest of course, rise in the round with the student's achievement for oneself, act on religion to do not teach, learn to be the education concept of creation, raise fundamental level of the student hard, have teacher and student of characteristic of specific aim ground, help student forms good thinking way, the key fosters a student to form a kind of inertial analysis skill. Particular case welcomes communication of each parent incoming telegram, the phone is above indirect had drawn up came. My general enthusiasm is your children to provide the greatest help on the life and study. Him phone: 15925150027
Distinct advantage: Him phone: 15925150027
Complement explains: Him phone: 15925150027

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