Xu Saihui
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Number: 9947 Full name: Xu Saihui (6632102)
Sexual distinction: Female age: 21
Grade: Big 3 post: Student
Place university / unit: Yunnan Normal University
Professional: Accountant
Teacher classification: Foreign language kind, liberal art kind, normal school is taught kind, money is met kind
;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to course: Chinese, maths, english, article put together, manage put together
Comfortable teach an object: Elementary school, junior high school, high school
Specialty: Be good at calculate and maths, logarithm word is especially sensitive
Significant time: Price of 2000 days of requirements: 25-30
Family education experience: Had done family education class, report is particularly good. Help a Gao Sanxue give birth to the university of ideal of pass an entrance examination.
Distinct advantage: I have affinity particularly, a distinctive method develops study interest of the student. Have patience and sense of responsibility. Well-read. Each respect understands a few.

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