Diversification of family education form
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The undergraduate does diversity of form of family education it may be said, have the following kinds roughly:

One, baby-sitter family education.

Divide outside teaching literacy class, do meal even, bring a child.

2, should try model family education.

The parent faces the crisis of enter a higher school in his child, invite once patience behead 6 will the undergraduate opens special mess to the child, advise others by using one's own experience.

3, influence family education.

Let taste learn to hold actor undergraduate concurrently to move excellent in come, besides coach child learning, besides the recreation of responsible arrangement child and motion, undertake the thought of manner and enterprising spirit respect is taught study even, this kind of form basically gets the welcome of parent of a few pupil.

4, artistic kind of family education.

Although there are many arts socially now kind " specialty class " can choose for the parent, but a few parents still feel this kind coachs class number is too much, the result is bad, aux would rather the undergraduate that gives high price to invite artistic major comes to the home to undertake training to the child.

5, into human family education.

In intense competitive environment, many manhood are factitious enhance professional ability, or it is to take an examination of a title, or it is to go abroad, also collect a long-unseen book afresh, ask an undergraduate to come to the home to teach.

6, the family education on the net.

Put the data of family education undergraduate on the net, the parent can undertake choosing in a database, is not to resemble intermediary of traditional family education nodding chart of an affectionate couple by others chaos in that way. Undergraduates can be comprised answer doubt group, sit in the dormitory to undertake 24 hours answering round-the-clockly doubt.

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