Unripe what does Internet bring middle and primary school?
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■ it is OK to get online change study means
■ the person of 22 % thinks the hacker is able person

Nowadays, the netizen has made the high school student's whether contemporary important mark. But, what influence does mode of orientaton of means of the idea idea that can Internet give a high school student, thinking, value, behavior bring? This afternoon, the delegate that comes from middle school of Tianjin city test is on youth of the 5th international and congress of forum of policymaker of school time communication, to Tianjin with oneself the investigation of 2452 11 middle schools, students makes clear: Internet is helpful for a high school student already the formation of contemporary thinking means, the conflict that also can create its philosophy, viewpoint of value and break model; Be helpful for the process of their socialization already, also can change sense of its society morality and responsibility consciousness infirmly; Can arouse its to create potential already, also brought about a few lose that learn stranger article spirit.

This investigation shows: In netizen of high school student, schoolgirl of online rate prep above. The person of the 57.6 % in online student now and then get online, of 40.6 % often get online, major while bubble on the net have 2.3 % only. The high school student that has 59.2 % net age is controlled to a year in half an year, and 2 3 year the person of net age has 10 % only. This explains local high school student gets online is thing of nearly two years.

Online majority of high school student is on the weekend or holiday, the high school student that has 22.4 % now and then because get online be absent from school, often the agreement of be absent from school has 13 % . Have the study that the student of 8.5 % admits online him influence and life. The place that the high school student gets online is given priority to with Internet bar and school, occupy 5 % left and right sides only in what the home gets online. The main purpose that the high school student of 81.2 % gets online is to obtain updated information. The student of 23 % is to be finish to make more friends, the person of 6 % gets online is to play game.

In the basic evaluation to the network, the high school student of above of half the number thinks to get online is hasten of general trends place. The student of 30.5 % expresses satisfaction to the network, the person of 47.1 % thinks to get online to the high school student should coach appropriately. The student that has 26 % tall to the charge of the network, speed is slow express dissatisfaction, the person that has 4 above of 1 / among them thinks information of the yellow on the net is flush, rubbish mail forms a pile.

Be based on many investigation data, the inquirer of Tianjin experiment middle school thinks, got online to activation already the thought of contemporary high school student, perplexing them again at the same time.

The network lets bring into contact with of high school student multivariate world culture, bring into contact with opens consciousness, efficiency consciousness, competition consciousness, equal consciousness and global eye; They exceed text information in great quantities through reading a net to go up, ground of exert a subtle influence on studied method of contemporary thinking of sex of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics, know must consider when handling complex thing it and all round a variety of connection of the thing, what change solid of traditional and linear thinking to have thereby is formalist and narrow. The network still makes the high school student exceeds what they can experience directly to live greatly to the understanding of the world the world, the influence that the online high school student of 85.6 % thinks the network is the largest to oneself is the study way that changed his, added information content. The person get online of 59 % is to going up knowledge of network of the study in machine process.
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