Instruct you 7 court let the child be far from TV
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Summer vacation, the child is long " bubble " before the television, meet not only do bad eye, right physical ability, intellective, mental as influential also as disposition. Taiwan " healthy " offer 7 device, help pa Mom is troubled no longer.

American research discovers, the child stays one day 2 hours before the television the least, more on the weekend. Taiwan also the appearance is same, politics the research discovery that transmits an institute greatly, children from classes are over in the evening at 10 o'clock, the family switchs on the mobile phone time is average it is, children watchs TV 2 hours everyday, on the weekend more be as high as 5 hours.

The child sees TV time grow the harm that causes and influence too, relevant research emerges in endlessly. For example, pass easily fat, become stupid to become foolish, slack passivity, attention is reduced, strangle imagination. Because TV is intense acousto-optic picture, the ministry maintains the head that lets the child to be run in primitive area only, cannot stimulate them to ponder over the development of area.

See too much TV also can increase bully approach action of the child, because of them from all directions model screen sees too much verbal force and attack action.

Accordingly, american pediatric cure learns a proposal, do not let the following child two years old watch TV, as to size child, the proposal sees high grade program only, and one day does not exceed2Hour.

  How can help the child do not stick before the television:

1 revise good-looking TV regulation with the child first, include the time that see and number.

"First come to an agreement or understanding is regular, can reduce the chance of conflict and rascally. " children of university of Shi Dan Buddha learns to teach Luo Binsen to suggest.

E.g. , can see what program next week with child discussion on the weekend.

Other is basic and regular, cannot look or TV, homework cannot looking to was not done good when resembling having a meal is when to see be about to do work class, want to follow child come to an agreement or understanding beforehand, the grandparent that also should let take care of them or baby-sitter know, foster them to abide by affirmatory habit.

The program looks, must put out TV, is not to let the child " hang " before the television, browse at will, increase the chance that loves inn.

2 accompany the child to watch TV together, the explanation discusses content.

Expert explanation, The parentIf can intervene the explanation process of the TV program, will be deepened or turn round children to see the point of view of TV, if have satisfying discussion with the child, also meet the consequence of abate TV.

In addition, also did not forget advertisement. American research discovers, one annual meeting sees the child 40 thousand advertisement, containing a lot of tall calorie and fat rubbish alimental are publicized among them, consumption of the ceaseless child that entice is bought.
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