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Lake of overgrown with weeds one in Hong Chaohui happy event obtains the teacher
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On March 17, 2008 -- 20 days, the Anhui province maths of new course of first high school is outstanding class appraise through comparison is held in mussel port, hong Chaohui of teacher of my what take part in the match on behalf of city of lake of overgrown with weeds school takes part in the match in nearly 50 show itself in the teacher, have the honor to win high school group to save first prize.
Attending all teachers that Bencibi surpasses is before 3 of race of each district city. In primary race of city of lake of overgrown with weeds, mr. Hong Chaohui depends on sound education basic training, concept of shirt-sleeve new course represents city of lake of overgrown with weeds to play province game with the first achievement. In design of course spot education, multimedia class make, after spot education be judged finally to be province first prize. This also is another achievement that my school carries out new course experiment and young teacher to develop plan.