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High school liberal art learns methodological gist
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1, high school liberal art includes: Chinese, English, politics, history, geographical.

2, the science course photograph such as liberal art course and maths, physics is compared, have following characteristics:
(1) memorial volume is big. As a result of this characteristic, make what you use study method to be different from science department apparently when learning liberal art course.
(2) understanding is abstract. The understanding of unlike science department is compared figure, specific, the understanding of liberal art leans a bit at ordinary times exert a subtle influence on.
Of course, every division has respective different characteristic again in liberal art, here tells about their common characteristic only.

3, gist of liberal art classroom
(1) classroom note is indispensable

Liberal art course has much literal news, the content that the teacher has interpreted can forget very quickly a few, although do not forget at that time, time grew to also can be remembered not deep. If attend class not to mark note, so oblivious part will disappear from inside your cerebrum knowledge base forever.

Attend class the effect that remembers note has two: It is to make your train of thought immediately afterwards the teacher goes, increase the study efficiency of classroom; 2 it is to serve as the complement of book learning and equipment to forget, when can be after the class or be being reviewed, take with. However, marking note is not to write down running water Zhang, either issue what when the teacher attends class, speak to be written down each, remember next serious content however, if record process of intellectual construction system, thinking to wait, should notice the content that teacher key hints particularly.

(2) attend a lecture wants to throw, train of thought follows a teacher to go, mainer is thinking wants active
This is test one the individual's attention when. If attention is not centered, probable meeting takes a look in the lecture of the teacher's pleasant story type.

Additional, want to learn to ponder over the question that the teacher raises below the teacher's guidance. If the someone in the text spoke to say in narrative, the teacher can ask probably, what meaning is this word that is this person saying at this moment? So you are about to think actively, not only should see each word in this word clear, the connection of before one part that should be the same as an article more rises, the analysis gives the meaning of this word. When attending class so, your thinking is vivid, study efficiency rises with respect to meeting twice ground (study science department is same also. So you can discover, have two people, attend class likewise very serious, why an achievement is very good, and is another grade average from beginning to end? The truth is: A thinking when attending class is vivid, often contact the knowledge that learning together with the knowledge previously. Another thinking when attending class just is being gotten by the teacher, which to learn to look, and the reflection that does not have oneself is analysed) .
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