The every progress child that urges a son is in " achievement feels " in grown
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" melon melon child " dancing, the Gao Yulin that lets 6 years old had the honor to win first prize of contest of dance of children of teenager of fierce prosperous area.

This is small Yu Lin is in go, swim, the another special honour after the bear the palm in the multinomial match such as the ping-pong.

Tall mom tells a reporter, she teachs the child to have her method: "Incorrect child expectation is exorbitant. " the place that tall mom asks small Yu Lin finds him to progress everyday, accumulate ceaselessly. A day, the room that mom runs after small Yu Lin rises in the morning says: "I myself can fold a quilt. " mom praised him at that time, encourage him to maintain go down.

Tall mom asks the child does the thing of some of in one's power everyday, do not make the child beyond the mark depend on the parent. Wanted the child to finish only, no matter achievement stand or fall, tall mom always can be praised in time. She says such doing, it is to let the child be in " achievement feels " in the virtue that discovers oneself.

Gao Yulin says he finishs the job that mom explains very gladly. Ask small Yu Lin obtains this for He Neng how when award, he says, because of mom him summation together " play " . Tall mom says, she never forces the child goes what learning, however he enjoys for company together, if discover the child has strong point in which respect, try to guide. The interest interest of small Yu Lin has an in part is in mom inspire under of generation. Tall mom thinks to be done so be close friends more than forcing the child goes doing.