Compress the divorce harm to the child
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N/COL the head of a family front courtyard has been close to breaking up, and that innocent eyes lets the child however if parents divorces hard open one's mouth. If domestic disintegrate is inevitable, the way that seeks a kind of child to be able to understand please will explain, help him overshoot difficulty, make harm some somes again small smaller.

The divorce means domestic disintegrate, for the angle from the child, parental divorce will make his life produces significant change, and, this kind of change often has interior power. When child the accused knows this one news, a lot of metropolises feel sadness, furious with worry, still need very hard period of time to get used to the gigantic about-face of these lives.

Of course, when parents leaves other, the attitude that the child's located age also will affect the child, reaction and their understanding to new family structure. So, different age paragraph what kind of different understanding does the child have after all? How should parents help the child spend this difficulty?

New student to 18 months: The daily life pattern that maintains darling is very important

The darling that is in infantile period can feel the nervous atmosphere between the parents in the family, but what is the reason after unidentified Bai Yin hides in conflict. If this kind of nervous atmosphere lasts, darling can become easy huffish, parents of special stick together, be in especially all round when having stranger, and mood wave motion is very big, get angry constantly. Additional, darling people the tendency that also can development goes backwards, perhaps put in the evidence of stunt.

How to help the child gently transfer: Be in this age paragraph darling, their life needs to have the rule and consistency, domestic affinity can make they feel very easy and comfortable. Accordingly, in this paragraph of period after parents divorces in the decision and divorcing, the daily life pattern that maintains darling is beneficial to them, mix in Morpheus especially dietary respect.

Parents supplies baby even he most the article that the toy that like perhaps makes he has safe feeling, much take a moment adopts little baby, those who give them the body is placatory. Additional, the one party that darling brings up after parents divorces is OK the help of friend of have the aid of and family, make oneself have enough rest and Morpheus, ensure woke up when darling, oneself can have the energy that takes care of him.

18 months come 3 years old: Let the child feel all round the family member's care

Darling is in this period, main affinity is the parents with them, the burst that so parents concerns makes them very difficult accept and understand. And, this age paragraph children are to be in the condition that is a center with ego, they can think of parents leaving other is caused because of oneself. They cry to be troubled by greatly greatly, because they are conceivable,be parents more attentions; Likely also their development state of affairs appears retrogression, that is to say, have finger probably again, reject him relieve oneself, fall asleep very hard perhaps and not be willing in the evening oneself sleep alone etc.
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