The reason that repugn of junior high school learns reachs the way to deal with
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In blame key middle school, repugn of junior high school learns a phenomenon more general. The wind day that be disgusted with learns is long, not only make the parent spellbound, the teacher is anxious, and bring issue of a lot of society, its consequence will be very serious.

The reason that repugn of junior high school learns is many sided. Above all, from the point of student oneself, immense thought pressure and mortgage make they bear hard, as time passes generates cheesed sentiment to learning. " of most student parent hopes children will have a bright future exorbitant, requirement crosses " hope for severe, the child should finish overweight study job in the school, in the home also less than relaxed, grade is a bit poor still can be censured by the parent. This kind of atmosphere is pressed the child is suffocatively, day after day, year answer a year, be disgusted with learns a mood to be able to arise spontaneously, form a kind to be gone against to what do " with " of the parent, teacher then turn over psychology.

Next, from the point of domestic element, the junior high school that undesirable domestic culture environment often makes plasticity very strong is born in be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears to get erode. Some parent negligence oneself regard children as " allow the part of tutor " , on educational children, understanding of their lake besmear is much, biasedding view is much, simple and crude much, let things drift much. Some parents think, sending the child to go to school is the regulation of compulsory education, the child learns difference to learn from good examples to rely on the school completely; Some parents not only the study of ignored children, often do " to be in business before the child instead become rich the conduct propaganda of " , the attention of dispersive child, screwy their viewpoint of value; Some student father and mother, often fight brabble, leave other curtly even, overhand on the child's heart hard the shadow of efface, make they learn involuntarily.

Face student be disgusted with to learn a phenomenon, shake one's head groan of no help, emphasize objective reason blindly also with job of no help. Teacher and parent should use the student of eye look upon of development, often encourage their progress, help them study an attitude rightly, improve study method, bring student learning initiative into play, learn as soon as possible from be disgusted with emergence is earned to come in the mood. In the family, the parent wants strict him requirement, have example effect to the child everywhere constantly, want to build the domestic atmosphere of a kind of active enterprising as far as possible, make the child is below equal, democratic, care, harmonious environment, maintain health of body and mind, wholeheartedly investment goes in study. Treat the child that learns difference, want avoid by all means impatient, want to see the child's advantage, encourage advancement of ground of child work steadily.
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