The Internet bar still is in " eat " student
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This week 2 midday, great Harmony middle school and park police station, undertook pounding to the Internet bar jointly.

Examination staff is carrying camera, filmed village of a hunderd schools, heart fills 7 Internet bars of the edifice, bubble the student that basically is a few around middle schools, discovered 50 many students at most in an Internet bar of village of a hunderd schools.

The Hong Qiu of middle school of the member that teach when the Zhang Hong of park place, Great Harmony and vice-president and politics teach when be in gumshoe of Jiang Ronghui vice director to receive these Internet bars, students throw bubble extremely to be in the net, and without an other place, making a network chat on game and net.

Wait for a student to discover the teacher came, some is gotten below past desk, some into the toilet hiding, some seizes the door and go out, return some to jump out from the window, original Internet bar advocate escape to make the child can successful of the school and parent " capture " , pulled down upstairs and downstair window barrier completely.

Although these Internet bars are hanged have " minor must not be entered inside " sign, but carry out without. Say according to the student, internet bar advocate return meeting exert pattern to solicit student, if send favourable check, offer eat and drink, had new game to inform with respect to the phone the student waits. Have more very person, the parent that still can pretend to be a classmate comes the child of Internet bar of false testimony bubble " doing work in our home class " .

The school encourages children to be on the home healthy and beneficial website, the child of bubble Internet bar is for the management of runout parent and school, hiding to play game.