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The importance of inchoate education is taken seriously by more and more parents, the mental pressure that brings subsequently also affected the child, actually, the health of the intelligence that the child accumulates extremely upbeat mood to conduce to him and individual character develops, so, letting the child acquire knowledge in joy is necessary.

The child should give harmonious and pleasant atmosphere in the family. In a family, each other is mutual and photograph attaching, admiring between the member, mutual before difficulty drive, mutual support, can handle the pressure that domestic place faces and crisis with upbeat mood. The parent is honest before the child oneself clear point of view and error, such, can provide good example for the child, make them active and hopeful, disposition is optimistic.

Look after children to go in nature. Blatant urbanism, have a lot of manacling to the child's heart, unavoidable the affection world that gives the child brings inhospitality and be agitated, if parents uses time to look after children,mix to the side of outskirts, city the child a fly a kite, run in afield, the heart that lets the child and nature are embraced closely, they can have enjoy never-failing fun.

Make child escape inactive the influence of the mood. Parents is met sometimes anxiety can'ts bear, also meet internal heat is towering with sad trouble, but should keep away from as far as possible the child goes abreacting. If let child be involved in arrive in depressive and depressing atmosphere, not only at job of no help, and the child's mood also can be affected. The trouble that concerned child encounters between husband and wife can discuss, but do not expose contradiction easily before the child, in the atmosphere of equality communication, let the child know an individual gradually the responsibility to the family and obligation, ought to give the child a few smiling face more, be helpful for the child forming high-spirited and upbeat mood so.

Make child interest great. A child is likely whole because of the cartoon that missed him to like downhearted in the evening, and the child with wide interest reads cartoon book with respect to meeting instead or draw. What be although the parent does not understand the child's interest,, but can offer a variety of activities to let the child try, help them accomplish a few things, let them experience successful joyance, do not let them stay in only satisfy them to eat, wear, after used requirement happy in, arrange him to do the simple chore of a few in one's power appropriately, the plenitude that lets them know the life and rich.

Let the child see happy parents. Help child becomes happy person, best method is him parents lives happily, tell some of happy and humorous thing to listen to the child, let the child know hopeful it is a kind of positive life attitude, slowly, he can know how to make and cherish joy.

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