How to grow in clamorous family?
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The family that lives in happy, warmth is lucky. However, not be everybody has this blessing share. To can get along well with parents, probably you had made very big effort, but, there often still is nervous atmosphere in the home.
"Be in our home, ' anger ' what took the life almost is all. Often quarrel between parents, return addition of meeting fist foot sometimes. I arrive to be brought up in such family greatly as a child, can you still be normal person later? Can you still be normal person later??

"Parents is right I besides censure or censure. If was moved anger, want how to be hit how to hit, when resembling a fried dish besides add salt or add salt. Long-term since, I live in exceeding worry and fear all the time, feel special depression. I worry about him psychosis particularly. I worry about him psychosis particularly..
"Parents divorced. See other classmate has complete home, I am good envy. I feel I resemble the ugly small duck that a nobody wants, do not have a person to be able to like me. Do not have a person to be able to like me..
Whether to also meet in your bottom of the heart often resound is worn similar sound, did the domestic besmear that thinks oneself prospective all is wrangled become the gray that never fades?

Really, if can grow in a sweet family, often can get encouragement, care and understanding, you can become a self-confident person more likely. However, mental health is not dormant condition, it can be changed. Everybody cannot choose his family, but the tomorrow that this does not mean you to cannot choose this. When n/COL the head of a family front courtyard cannot provide the atmosphere that suits to grow for you, you should let a heart walk out of a door, be searched for oneself and create beneficial environment.
Just when whole world psychologist uses the research report of an immense number of books to allege to common people: The character development after the domestic environment with a long life is affecting him to grow up and mental health level, the United States develops psychologist to breath out Reese " group socialization is academic " gave out different sound however: The psychological feature after parental behavior grows up in the future to their children does not have so great influence, because the human contact of domestic inside and outside is regular not identical, the conducts oneself in society for the person method that acquires in the home does not apply to the home outside. As the growth of the age, develop an effect to the character of a person with the association with age person bigger and bigger.
However, I know, to you, having a friend is a very hard work. Do you feel humiliating for your family? Think without joy the family does not deserve to get person respect? Is because of,afraid others met this look down upon you? Be feeling of this kind of abasement makes you are far from other.
Actually, you are not in living in clamorous family is wrong, because the main factor of dictate family atmosphere is the relation between parents, and their disposition. If him parents does not try hard, you serve as children change father and mother very hard. People is willing to interact with you, because,be greatly you, is not your parents. If you can be distinguished,be in your life, what is your responsibility, what is parental responsibility, you are met a few less self-affected heavy burden, much portion calm and nature. These meetings conduce to friend of your associate with. In the association with the friend, you get understand and be showinged loving care for, also understand the society and show loving care for.
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