Rear the child as a child fight setback ability
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What is AQ? AQ is the adversity trader that we say or setback business. When saying simply to should face adversity or setback namely, different person treats adversity or the setback produces different reaction, the ability of this kind of reaction, call adversity business (setback business) . It has only qualitative, without quantified index. In have about the same intelligence quotient and feeling below trade situation, adversity business is perfected to the character of a person and the career is having the effect of the decision successfully.

The person of tall AQ is in when facing adverse circumstance, maintain the urge for improvement from beginning to end, never shrink back, they can regard adversity as the impetus with him ongoing drive, can develop the biggest potential, overcome a variety of difficulty, score a success. The person of low AQ is before difficulty, cannot see light, be defeated then below blast. Accomplish nothing. One individual career must have intelligence quotient successfully, affection business, the element that adversity business succeeds 3 times this. The person of high intelligence quotient does not mean a career to succeed, have tall affection business only, the person ability of tall adversity business is adumbrative his career has.

Tall adversity business must be fostered as a child.

Our country because the policy of family planning, singleton female family is numerous. Because this parent cares overly, take care of times to, "Lordling " , "Small princess " can be found everywhere. Their meal comes dehisce, the clothes will stretch one's hand. What must come as a result of everything is too easy, because this child is not known,cherish, do not know struggle, do not know care others more. They like creature comfort, listen to be used to praise, love oneself only, do not understand others, in the process that grow, plain sailing, did not pass any difficulty, setback. Because this becomes the child to enter social hind, cannot face the brutal reality that competes increasingly, can be defeated before difficulty and adversity below blast those who come, this has to say is the failure that we teach.

We always say, present child lacks setback training. So how are we done, does ability rear the child of tall AQ?

1, let the child learn as a child " await " :

When child 7-8 when the month, when the child has particular demand, we are about to let the child learn " await " , for example: When sucking the breast to the child, tell the child the grandma became cool ability eats. When the child learns delicate movements, include the in syrup of candy paper together to the child, tell him child Bao Kaicai can take candy. Go the shop shops or queueing up to go up car, tell the child must the requirement that toe the mark queues up to just can achieve his.

2, let the child learn to work as a child " start well and end well " .

No matter the child does an any things, must want start well and end well. If be to play a toy, must classify replace to be in formerly afterwards so, cannot any reasons are not done. If some thing children are finished,have difficulty, the parent can be done together with the child. Overcame difficulty to finish when the child, must give praise, will consolidate this is planted behavior, form good convention.
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