The love of high school student of correct look upon
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Love of high school student is the heat problem that the society pays close attention to all the time. Recently, shanghai undertakes concerned the investigation of amative problem to 10 thousand high school students, the result discovers 1/3 (34.5 % ) the amative action that the high school student of above puts in different level, the investigation of Chongqing city also reachs same conclusion.
Psychologist and pedagogic home discover, scrip is being written to date to calculate love between all high school students is unscientific, also be peripheral. What object most as itself of high school student is will " love early " notional broaden the scope, so that will simple question complications, thereby the antagonism psychology between aggravate student and parent, teacher.

Should say, of the high school student " love " behavior is not the love on real significance, mix to the curiosity of adult love however imitate. Because of them " love " do not have the emotional base with strong what commonly, say to talk, say to blow blow, "From " with " close " not too much Bei and joyous. Between the classmate jeer to facilitate a pair " lover " form. They are very not clear oneself " love " the other side what, to the other side also the understanding with comprehensive it doesn't matter.

These are right of love imitate behavior, very easy emerge of itself and perish of itself, adult is excessive and sensitive cause them easily instead to think toward amative respect. Censure and prohibit, hurt children's pure and babyish heart and feeling extremely easily, make they will " amative behavior " turn to a secret to change. Below this kind of circumstance, "Love " character appears extremely possibly qualitative change.

Showing level to treat the relatively actual and feasible method of love of high school student is: Do not interfere inscrupulously, and give correct guiding is mixed coach. Parents should use patience and skill help child to realize the friendship between the couple is not equal to love, realize lack of high school student is physiological or the consciousness that ego protects, as parents we can provide what kind of help to them, it is a task that contemporary parents should relearn. Should be taught and guide the child and not be control, tie, surveillant child, not be to destroy the relation between them to perhaps force the child with violent means more. Such method will be temporarily effective but won't long, often things go contrary to one's wishes.

Carry out a proof, at the same time we also have reason to believe: Having the ideal, high school student that has pursuit is to won't abandon learn and rectifying day of Qing Qing my.