Do not let the child produce behavior deviation
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"We provide a space that parents and child grow jointly. " gramophone is opened, children education worker is transmitted to thank Mr. Yong Kun by handset, with not Xu Buhuan's sound, speak them to conduct basic idea of the activity gently.
A lot of moment, the working station that teachs a child appears already exchange. The society of nowadays, major parents can think, certainly child is the teacher's responsibility, what does not know him is the character with child growing the mainest stage just now, one engrafts truly the incorporeal person that teachs the child basically.

Once parents drops his most important part to oversight, did not fulfill oneself to should bear the responsibility that have, that is afraid will be affected greatestly to growing belt of the child.

Actually, child child from be born to grow, must face physiology, psychology and society (include mood and human interactive) . In growing process, between child itself, environment and child and environment, 3 person interact, and form and the problem that produces deviation of a few behavior.

Deviation of so called behavior, be correspondence of a photograph to be derived at normal behavior. Deviation behavior shows each body cannot get used to normal life namely actually, derive because of this those who violate social standard slant abnormal behavior.

Xie Yongkun explains, if we discover the child appears a few unusual action, that can be gotten advertent. Actually, behavior of so called deviation can be divided fine for immanent with explicit two kinds. And the phenomenon of explicit behavior deviation that its middling sees, included attention not beautiful, cannot get along with the person, carry feed, eager to do well in everything, backchat; Immanent behavior deviation includes angst, fear, bashful and recreant etc.

The question of behavior deviation can not happen in specific age layer, and it also is not a kind of disease, this just is a phase that the place in children development process must be faced or is experience actually. At that time, parents also need not too nervous, need to be in only proper when give correct, the behavior that adjusts the child went.

Of course, when the child has the deviation on a few behavior, as parents also cannot ignore, lest let these behavior become the child's custom, the certain deviation on continuance behavior, and it is in the future normal to affected the child gregarious.

Xie Yongkun expresses, a few elements are those who cause behavior error to happen.

(One) domestic framework:

Investigation shows, if the child grows at sheet,kiss a family or be a singleton, his behavior deviation machine leads that one opposite also taller, because parents often is opposite not can self-consciously,this is the child reachs protection overly fondly and cause secondhand.

(2) sexual problem:

Investigation shows, the schoolboy has been compared normally move, after often producing a few things, bury it in the heart. It is under defective and interactive circumstance, behavior deviation also was born with respect to take advantage of an opportunity.
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