The money of American family child is taught
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Summer vacation lived in the United States two weeks, what is the deepest impression that if somebody should ask to in this 14 brief days of Sino-US countries give me to stay, my answer is not prosperous economy, extravagant life already, also not be the information of top science and technology, explosion, however domestic education of the United States, especially the education of monetary side. Can think even, the education of this kind of money established the United States to flourish today rich base, lacked this kind of education, the place that all your people envy the United States is likely have no way is mentioned.
As a whole, american family teachs main show to be the following respects to filial money:

1. Church child uses pin money correctly

Teach the child to learn to use pin money correctly, it is to let the child learn how to undertake budget, managing with the important instrument that makes consumptive choice independently. The parent control to the child's pin money is fixed and mensurable, maintain the level that comparatives roughly with his companion as far as possible. As to pin money control, be in charge of by child full-fledged member, the parent does not intervene directly. Once because the child is used undeserved and when err or encountering difficulty, the parent also does not stretch his hand easily aid. Because be like this only, child ability understands the serious consequence that undeserved consumption brings, learn to consume behavior to his thereby even social behavior is responsible.

2. How does church child put money

Put money, it is today's consumption behavior is changed into the consumptive ability tomorrow. This looks be like as popular as the United States credit to consume tide to be not accorded with, but can make the child clear: If want to have valence be worth more expensive stuff in the future, must abandon the thing with a few not great value now. Parents are to use the interest that reduces the means that sends child Mao expensive goods to arouse the child to put money to shop normally.

3. Encourage the child to work and do chore in off hours

American parent encourages the child to rely on to work commonly make pin money, also some parents mix housework pin money is direct link up with. This kind of manner of the parent got sociologist on one hand hold with, caused however on the other hand a few of pedagogic home anxious. Because sociologist thinks the job can stimulate self-confident heart of the child, can exercise practice ability and education creativity; And pedagogic home thinks long amateur hits labour union to disturb child finish school, privative the opportunity that they share important family and gregarious activity, and the sense of responsibility that with doing housework to exchange pin money to be able to die out the child regards member of front courtyard of one a person of academic or artistic distinction as to should be had. Anyway, work and doing housework to have a bit to the child's influence is beyond question -- the labor income that can make the child cherishs him.
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