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Men need to tutor
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10 years, the Chinese men's basketball tournament in a variety of fighting 4 times, this time from the exposure of the scene view, is a most shameful and bloody scenes for some taste of friendship and the game itself. Why will lead to gang fights? I think as a head coach Hua Germany is to blame. Hua Germany is always howling in the field, not the front of the players is the referee, indeed he is a passionate coach with character, may be too Frequent subtle roar necessarily affect the players. Hua Germany have different ideas of passion and interpretation, and perhaps he will think this is to increase the cohesiveness of the performance. His passion for understanding and expression, we told the players If there is no reasonable process of guidance, will inevitably lead into errors! In short, the Chinese Basketball Hua Germany brought passion, fighting spirit, morale at the same time, but not in the mentality of the young man to give us the relative balance of ease . Hua Germany can not deny the existence of two sides of the team the fact that, while the negative effect he will lead in the men's basketball team does not appear as this or that mistake. The consequences of fighting the inevitable damage to the reputation of Chinese basketball, perhaps have to accept a series of treatment FIBA, basketball in China need to strengthen education, and often we say we love the children blame their parents fight, the same thing basketball brawl Parts, Basketball and the coach can not get away!